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SM Quinteto
Sammy Morales - Leader/Bassist/Composer
Ricki Martinez - Accordion
Gabriel Vicens - Guitar - Daniel E. Rivera Guitar
Mario Pereira - Drums
Eduardo Zayas - Piano

SM Quinteto a project of compositions with elements of jazz, circus music, bomba, flamenco and a true fusion of styles compositions truly telling stories, tales and songs.

This brilliant group of musicians behind the instruments really does combine and contrast sounds of classic jazz with elements and influences as the bomba and son Latino, among others.

SM Quinteto has played at the most important venues in Puerto Rico’s jazz cultural scene: Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest 2014, Ventana al Jazz, UPR Theater, and Centro de Bellas Artes de Puerto Rico, Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico, Festival de la Palabra, Estrella del Norte, Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular, Abracadabra Counter Café, Adoquín Jamming Nights, UPR Bayamón theater and Universidad del Turabo, among others.

Sammy Morales
Born in Bronx, NY, but established in Puerto Rico since childhood, Sammy Morales is not just one of the best bassists in the scene of Jazz in Puerto Rico, but also a teacher, mentor of young musicians and manager of musical events.

Morales has worked with a variety of artists such as Danny Rivera, Wilkins, Glen Monroig, Lourdes Robles, Luis Angel, Sophy, Project M, Rene Farrait, Los Andinos, H2O, Willie Colon, Fusion Jonda, Debora Brum, and Caribe Gitano, among others.

In the Puerto Rican jazz scene he has played with Project Evif, Angel David Mattos, Franky Suarez, Brenda Hopkins, Edgar Abraham, Humberto Ramirez, Jorge Laboy, David Sanchez, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Ivan Maraver, Mike Arroyo, Jimmy Rivera, Danilo Perez and Amuni Nacer, among others.

The bassist is the director of both the Repertory Theater and the Jazz Workshop of the University of Puerto Rico. He also teaches at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico as instructor and bass guitar.

His most recent project is SM Quintet, which focuses on his own compositions, comprising elements of jazz, tango and other influences. It's a very melodic, impossible to pigeonhole music that responds only to the musical creativity of Morales and his band and not to categories and preset schemes.